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It is our mission to get your scientific article qualified for publication in high-ranked journals.

Get your article optimized for scientific journal submission

This is a new-dimension professional proofreading service that is unmatched in the world. If you are unhappy with previous proofreading services that just perfom static proofreading of orthography, grammar, and punctuation (and possibly a little syntax in the best case), as almost all such services do, then you are at the right place here and now, since we do much more for your manuscript than any other service.

Sciscript is a scientific article preparation and optimization service addressing all needs of scientists engaging in scientific publishing. In our 15 years' experience in editing and publishing scientific manuscripts, we optimized numerous manuscripts to reach highest-class journal publication. In addition to orthography, grammar, and syntax, our work is aimed at understanding the research and meaning, which is the fundament of a high-quality English language editing. This can only be afforded by a scientific editor. Therefore, any manuscript is edited by a scientist that provides you with a pre-review of your manuscript. We work intensively with your article to optimize readability and get your research conclusive and convincing to peer reviewers.

Very frequently, we started with papers that were just a rough framework, with wording not meeting even low journal requirements. We have rewritten such papers and made them accepted by a high-ranked journal. We guarantee that your paper will meet the requirements of highest-ranked journals after our intense work with your paper.

This service is brought to you by the Society for Biomedical Diabetes Research, a scientific society with over fifteen years of academic publishing experience.